FInal Cleaning and Decommissioning

When we say take care of your entire move, we mean it, and that includes the final clean and decommissioning of your vacated space. Final Clean has proven to be remarkably cost-effective for our clients, especially in those instances where there are penalties or hold over costs to be borne by the existing tenant if space does not conform to the lease move out requirements.

Ray Hamilton Company can break down and move all office furniture and cubicles. We can either move furniture fixtures and equipment to your new location, dispose of them or store at our facility until you need them or decide what to do with it.

The following list represents typical “move-out” services:

  • Patch, repair, and repaint damaged walls. Paint should match the existing paint color.
  • Replace all damaged downspouts or interior roof drains.
  • Replace any broken or damaged ceiling tile and grid-work.
  • Repair/replace any damaged personnel doors, windows, mini- blinds, and door hardware.
  • Repair/replace any damaged dock bumpers, levelers and overhead doors.
  • Clean the warehouse floor of any paint, tape or other items. Repair or patch all holes in concrete floors.
  • Remove any bolts or nails on the floor.
  • Remove all trash and leave the facility in broom-clean condition.
  • Sweep and mop all VCT tile floors.
  • Janitorial clean all restrooms, kitchen floors, all cabinets, interior and exterior windows.
  • Remove any signage on doors, windows or building exterior and repair any damage that may result from the removal.

Final Clean can also provide you and your landlord with inspection and sign off documentation for the items listed below:

  • Exhaust fans
  • Electrical service including all light fixtures, lamps, outlets, and switches
  • All lighting left 100% operational, including “Exit” signs
  • Replace damaged/broken light fixture lenses
  • All plumbing fixtures left 100% operational, including hot water heater, bathroom fixtures, and accessories.

When it comes to your move, we make sure that everything is wrapped up in one nice and tidy.